Tasty and healthy

Everyone eats to live, although some live to eat. Food is one of the most important and pleasurable things in your life! However, we believe that food is only good if it is good for you, good for the planet and tasty. 

We are Limax and we want as many people as possible to enjoy our fresh, super tasty and extremely healthy products on a daily basis: our vitality boosters.

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Soft fruits

Our soft fruit range comprises numerous varieties of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

We do what others merely promise

We have been passionately strengthening people’s vitality for over 40 years. We do more than simply supplying our customers; we unburden our customers – retailers, purchasing groups and food services – throughout Europe. We always guarantee our premium quality: the best and freshest quality products, swift delivery, creative solutions and a wide range supplied in any packaging required. As a chain partner we possess knowledge of every link in our agribusiness chain: from raw materials, cultivation and harvesting, sorting and packaging, up to and including physical distribution. We monitor, optimise and innovate. And while the whole world continues to call for sustainability, we actually put it into practice!

We do what others merely promise, and battle on while others give up. 

Knowledge of the chain

Raw materials (production)


Sorting processing packaging



Our vitality boosters

We do not speak of our ‘products’, but rather about our ‘vitality boosters’. You can enjoy our mushrooms and soft fruits daily, conveniently and in a healthy fashion, because we possess knowledge of the entire chain. We grow and supply all kinds of mushrooms: cultivated, organic, wild and processed mushrooms.


We only have faith in food if it is good for both you and the planet. Our mushrooms are bursting with flavour and good nutrients that contribute to your vitality in life. And we trust that you share our desire to make the world a better place. Our mushrooms are produced highly sustainably. Mushrooms are also the perfect complement to vegetarian cuisine, while they are a prescribed constituent of numerous types of diet.

We transport our vitality boosters under optimal conditions to our customers’ distribution centres, so that they end up on your plate while still extremely fresh, and full of flavour and good nutrients.

We supply our vitality boosters in any packaging required.

We grow our own soft fruit. During the off-season, however, we also purchase the best fruit from all over the world, in order to continue supplying throughout the year.