Limax Group

Limax Group

We are a group of producing and warehouse companies operating in the agribusiness sector in the Netherlands and Poland. We have one common mission: to ensure that as many people as possible enjoy our fresh, super tasty and extremely healthy products, our vitality boosters.

We have three strong brands that each focus on a specific part of the chain within our agribusiness: Limax, Champignonland and Limax Substrates.

Our certificates

We stand for quality

We do what we do extremely well. The Limax brand stands for premium quality:

  • the best and freshest products
  • a perfectly organised supply chain
  • the highest level of service
  • guaranteed food safety
  • creativity and innovation
  • a broad range of produce
  • any packaging required
  • sustainable partnerships.

We do more than simply supplying our customers, we unburden our customers. Doing business with Limax means trouble-free business. The high standards we maintain are reflected in the fact that we have attained numerous certificates.

BRC   IFS   Global Gap   Planet- Proof   Fair Produce NL   SKAL

An innovative and sustainable attitude

We continually endeavour to optimise the entire chain, while bearing sustainability in mind. Thanks to our pioneering role and continuous innovation, our vitality boosters end up on everyone’s plate while still full of good nutrients and extremely fresh. 

For instance, we enrich our mushrooms with a substantial dose of vitamin D by exposing them to artificial UV light. Vitamin D is essential for the immune system and for both the growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.