Chestnut mushroom

The chestnut mushroom is the extremely popular brother of the white mushroom. With this light brown variant of the white mushroom, you can vary endlessly in your dishes. The chestnut mushroom is available all year round from the Netherlands.

Taste and application

The firm structure and slightly nutty taste make this mushroom suitable for many different dishes. It contains less moisture than the white mushroom, so it does not shrink as much after cooking. The chestnut mushroom contains many vitamins and vegetable proteins and is therefore very healthy. Are you looking for inspiration for using chestnut mushrooms in dishes? Then you can go here.

Our growers

The chestnut mushroom is available all year round and is grown here in the Netherlands. Through our grower Champignonland Horst, all our mushrooms are hand-picked and delivered directly from the source. This way, we guarantee the very best quality. Thanks to our short supply chain, we deliver our mushrooms within 48 hours of their harvest. This way, we always ensure that our products are delivered as fresh as possible. Production and delivery are matched by our just-in-time delivery. So you always have the correct quantity in stock. Just like all our other products, the chestnut mushroom is grown in a sustainable way.

Mushrooms at Limax

Our service is always complete and on time. With more than 40 years of experience, we ensure carefree business. We always strive for a sustainable, long-term cooperation with a high level of service. We believe in a fair price-quality ratio and in open communication between us and our customers. We are constantly working to optimise the entire chain so that together we can face the future with strength.


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Chestnut mushroom

Chestnut mushroom

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