Sustainable mushrooms for retailers

Everyone eats to live, although some live to eat. Food is one of the most important and pleasurable things in your life! However, we believe that food is only good if it is good for you, good for the planet and tasty. 

We are Limax and we want as many people as possible to enjoy our fresh, super tasty and extremely healthy products on a daily basis: our vitality boosters.

More about Limax

Extensive range of products

Our range consists of various types of processed and unprocessed mushrooms. From the popular varients like the white and chestnut mushroom to shiitake, fresh chanterelles and dried porcini.

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We do what others merely promise

Intensive, enterprising cooperation: We have been doing this since 1979. Together with our customers, we passionately reinforce consumer vitality.

Premium quality: The best and freshest quality products, a joint sales strategy, fast delivery, professional quality management, creative solutions and a wide range of products in any desired packaging.

Sustainable working method: Chain director of a short chain, several organic growers, low CO2 footprint, recognised 'Fair produce' method of working to guarantee fair trade throughout the chain. 

Knowledge of the chain

Traceable origin (QR Code)

Leader in sustainable innovations

Partner in category and product

Carefree daily delivery

Data analysis to prevent shrinkage and boost sales

Our (sustainable) packaging

We offer different packaging options according to contre le gaspillage (2021) such as: rPET, bags, pulp, cardboard. In addition, we support our customers in even more creative solutions to further reduce the ecological footprint of our sector.

Innovative cardboard box

Save 50% shelf space
Now with 30% less cardboard
100% sustainable within 10 years
You can find out
all about our sustainable working methods here →

Our vitality boosters

We do not speak of our ‘products’, but rather about our ‘vitality boosters’. You can enjoy our mushrooms and soft fruits daily, conveniently and in a healthy fashion, because we possess knowledge of the entire chain. We grow and supply all kinds of mushrooms: cultivated, organic, wild and processed mushrooms.

The advantage for you is that you enjoy:

High delivery reliability (100%)
Low loss through fast handling
Wide range (organic, convenience, cultivated, wild, dried)
Partner for your category
You can find out
everything about our sustainable working methods here →

We wash and cut our mushrooms so that they are not only clean and ready for immediate use, but also have a more intense flavour and a firmer bite. And while retaining all the good nutrients into the bargain!

We enrich our mushrooms with vitamin D, which is essential for the immune system and for both the growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.